How to travel cheaply [Preparation]


[Preparation] Things to do first

From here on, preparation and practice!

Let’s make an ANA card

There are many types of ANA cards, but one of my best choices is Sumitomo Mitsui Card ANA Wide Gold Card . Of course, my couple has been using it for more than 5 years.

But gold card is expensive annual fee …

Yes. Gold cards have higher annual fees than General cards. However , the overwhelmingly high mileage exchange rate and you canget Gold card benefits, so I think that it is enough to take the annual fee, rather it is cheap.

First, let’s compare the costs of redeeming miles for the differences and benefits of General cards and Gold cards.
When you exchange points on a General cards for miles, you can choose 2 courses: 1 point = 5 miles (no fee) and 1 point = 10 miles (6,000 yen + tax). Annual membership fee 7,250 yen + 10-mile course fee 6,000 yen = 13,250 yen (12,275 yen after discount is applied) . Gold Cards can be exchanged for 1 point = 10 miles (no fee), so only annual membership fee of 14,000 yen ( 9,500 yen after discount is applied ) . If you pay the same amount with an ANA card and convert it to miles at the same exchange rate, the difference in cost is 750 yen + tax .

Secondly, when it comes to gold card benefits , are airport lounge access and travel insurance coverage high.For those who are aiming for miles trips in their usual life, besides air tickets and travel expenses, it is not advantageous to spend relaxing time in the airport lounge at the time of travel or to be compensated in case of emergency What?
I like airport lounges ~ An affordable trip will be a luxurious trip at once! It’s a priceless experience .

In addition, with the Sumitomo Mitsui Gold Card, there is a method of discounting the annual membership fee (how to do it in the practice section!) , You can get 2,000 miles for card continuation every year, and you can get 2,000 miles when youjoin.
And! If you sign up for the referral program(we will show you later), you will receive an additional 2,000 miles !

(For couples)
In households whose fixed expenses, such as utility bills, are husbands, it is advantageous and convenient to make two ANA cardswith the husband becoming the primary member and the wife becoming a family member .
In my home, I use my family card for everyday shopping, such as food, and pay for my husband’s name, such as utility bills and mobile phones, with main card. The annual membership fee is 2,500 yen + tax, but you can earn 1,000 miles every year and the Gold benefits are the same as the primary member, so it is very advantageous.

Here is a table showing the differences between Gold cards and General cards. After the annual membership fee discount, a 10-mile exchange rate is better for a Gold card.

Card type gold General
Card name

ANA Card
Wide gold card

ANA Card
Wide card

Annual fee (Primary member)
14,000 yen + tax
*3,500 yen + tax discount
→  9,500 yen + tax

(Family members)
4,000 yen + tax
* 1,500 yen + tax discount
→  2,500 yen + tax

(Primary member)
7,250 yen + tax
*975 yen + tax discount 
→  6,275 yen + tax

(Family members)
1,500 yen + tax
*525 yen + tax discount
→  975 yen + tax

Mile exchange rate 1 point = 10 miles 1 point = 5 mile course
1 point = 10 mile course
Mile exchange fee free 5 mile course: free
10 mile course: 6,000 yen + tax
Travel accident insurance Up to 50 million yen Up to 50 million yen
Shopping security insurance Up to 3 million yen per year Up to 1 million yen per year
point 1,000 yen = 1 point 1,000 yen = 1 point
Electronic money support iD, Apple Pay,
Google Pay, PiTaPa
iD, Apple Pay,
Google Pay, PiTaPa
Join Bonus Miles 2,000 miles 1,000 miles
Ongoing bonus miles 2,000 miles 1,000 miles
Referral Bonus Miles 2,000 miles
500 miles

Introducing the referral bonus miles .
If you make an ANA Card with an introduction from an ANA Card member, you will receive 500 to 2,000 bonus miles .
If you know an ANA Card member and would like to ask you for an introduction number, but you do not know if you hear it (I often hear that you did not know such a number) , or those who waste time like that , Please use my referral number.

Enter your e-mail address in the box below and press the “Submit” button. You will receive an e-mail with the introduction number in a few minutes.

If you do not receive the email, it is often sorted into the spam folder, so please check it.

Please note that in order to receive bonus miles, you need to pre-register referral number before applying for an ANA Card !

Once you receive the email, you can pre-register withANA here .
Please be assured that ANA manages the information registered with ANA so that I do not know it at all.

If you can pre-register referral number, don’t forget to apply for an ANA Card!
It seems that bonus miles will be awarded in about 10 days when the card arrives.

ANA Cards often carry out enrollment campaigns , so please check the ANA website. There may be more deals!

1.  Pre-register your introduction number
2. Apply for an ANA Card ( Sumitomo Mitsui VISA Wide Gold is recommended! )
3. Earn bonus bonus miles + membership bonus miles

Until you receive your ANA Card

Organize your usual shopping destinations and check if you can shop at the store that earns miles

Before you receive your card, check the shops where you can earn miles and find outwhere you can buy the items you usually buy, their prices and shipping fee . If you complete the membership registration of each online shop, you can use it as soon as you receive the card!

Food and daily necessities
Do you use online supermarkets ? I use 2-3 times a week. You don’t have to line up at the cash register, you don’t even have to take it in a bag and take it home. And earn up to miles. I can’t live without a net supermarket anymore!  seriously.

Isn’t it convenient to go to the supermarket because I want it right away?

No, even if you order in the morning on the day, you can usually get it delivered on the same day . On weekdays, I order before going to work and have it delivered after returning home. On weekends, I order in the morning and use it afternoon or evening. It is a strong ally for housewives and housewives because it saves time going to the supermarket. If you haven’t used it yet, we encourage you to try it once!

Rakuten SEIYU(楽天西友)online supermarkets earns 1 mile for every 200 yen, Rakuten points 200 yen = 1 point = 0.5 mile, and if you pay with an ANA Gold card, you earn 1,000 yen for ANA card 1 point = 10 miles, so shopping for 6,000 yen Earn 105 miles . (Because the purchase is more than 5,000 yen and the shipping fee is free, the example of 6,000 yen is easy to calculate) Ito-Yokado (イトーヨーカドーネットスーパー)online supermarkets also earns 1 mile for 200 yen.

Go shopping only at the supermarkets in real stores (payments are also made with an ANA card!), And use the online supermarkets together to earn miles!

* Even Rakuten members need to use procedures for Rakuten SEIYU online supermarkets.
Click here for details and new member registration ↓

Alcohol, water and soft drinks
There is also in Rakuten Seiyu, but Ito-Yokado online store(イトーヨーカドー) (100 yen / mile), Seven-Eleven online Shopping(セブンイレブン) (100 yen / mile) , LOHACO (100 yen 1 mile) and Kakuyasu(カクヤス) (200 yen 1 mile) have a wide variety of drinks such as alcohol. Earn miles when you buy a box. It’s heavy, so it’s nice to have it delivered!


Drug store
Daily necessities are also available at Matsumoto Kiyoshi(マツモトキヨシ)(100 yen / mile) and Kenko com (ケンコーコム (200 yen / mile). Matsumoto Kiyoshi earns 100 yen and 1 mile regardless of whether you shop at a real store or online, so if you are nearby, please come and visit us!


fashion or anything!
The Rakuten Ichibathat everyone knows (200 yen / mile), Yahoo! Shopping (300 yen / mile), Amazon (9 times Sumitomo Mitsui Card Points), UNIQLO GU Online Store (300 yen / mile), GAP Online Store (7 times Sumitomo Mitsui Card Points) …

  GAP オンラインストア 

There are many more, so I will introduce the site. (Say first? Sorry)

ANA Mileage Mall
Online shops that earn miles when used by ANA Cards are posted . You can earn miles by moving from this site to the online shop and shopping. The flow of shopping is as follows.
1. Find and click online shop at ANA Mileage Mall
2. The mileage accrual explanation screen is displayed. Click “ショップサイトへ”(Go to shop site).
3. Login to ANA Mileage Club
4. Shop at the online shop and pay with an ANA card

ANA Mileage Mall often do campaigns, so check it out when you have time!


Sumitomo Mitsui Point UP Mall
Sumitomo Mitsui Card ANA Card users can also use the Point UP Mall. This is given as a bonus point of Sumitomo Mitsui Card. There are many popular online shops, but ANA Mileage Mall usually earns more miles at the same shop, so if you have a shop that is only here (Amazon etc.) or a campaign, it is more advantageous than ANA Mileage Mall Let’s use it!


Click here for more information on where to buy and how much you canearn miles.

【2020年最新】楽天、Amazon、ネットスーパーやコンビニで1,000円使ったら貯まるマイル数の早見表。ANAマイレージモール、三井住友ポイントアップモールで買い物するとマイルが2倍以上/ pointupmall / ana mileage mall / rakuten seiyu

Check how to change the Bank account direct debit for utilities, mobile phone charges, etc.

Utilities such as electricity, gas and water and mobile phone charges can also be paid with an ANA Card . I think many people have been direct debited, but it is a waste!

Remember, I explained that utility and telecommunications costs for households of two or more people are on average 64,284 yen (836 miles) per month x 12 months = 771,406 yen (10,032 miles) per year on average. If you continue to direct debit as it is, your miles will be 0, but you can earn 10,000 miles just by paying with your ANA Gold card!
Check the change method so that you can change it as soon as you receive your ANA card.

Click here for a list of utilities that can be paid with Sumitomo Mitsui Card ↓


Getting an ANA Card

Change thedirectdebit for utilities, mobile charges, etc. to ANA Card

When you receive your card, change the payment method for utility bills and mobile charges that you checked in advance to an ANA card . Some of them take months to change, so if you don’t change them immediately, it’s a waste of a month!

In addition, if you have monthly fixed fees such as internet provider fees, newspaper fees, gyms, lessons, etc., change them all to ANA cards!

Car taxes, property taxes and other taxes can also be paid with an ANA card, so don’t debit. Some fees can cost hundreds of yen, but taxes are large, so you can easily earn miles. When you receive the tax transfer form, a method of paying by credit card is enclosed. It takes only 3 minutes on the net. Easy!

Change ANA Card settings [WEB statement registration, My Revolving payment(マイ・ペイすリボ)】

Be sure to apply for the card statement WEB statement service and My Revolving payment(マイ・ペイすリボ), which reduce the annual membership fee! You do not need to apply together when issuing the card.

Card usage fee WEB statement service

The card usage fee WEB statement service is a service that sends a confirmation of the next payment amount by e-mail instead of a paper usage statement. There is no need to worry about privacy when you throw away the storage space because there is no longer a statement of usage by mail

(Source) Sumitomo Mitsui Card HP

If you set up the WEB statement service with the ANA Wide Gold Card , the annual membership fee will be 1,000 yen + tax discount (14,000 yen + tax → 13,000 yen + tax) from the following year, so be sure to set it.

Click here for how to apply for the card statement WEB statement service


My Revolving payment(マイ・ペイすリボ)

My Revolving payment(マイ・ペイすリボ) is a payment method that automatically revolves your one-time shopping purchase. The monthly payment amount can easily be increased or decreased over the Internet or by telephone if the minimum payment amount is more than the minimum payment amount, and can be changed according to your convenience.
If you do not wish to make any changes, payment will be made at the “My Pay to Revolve” setting amount.


If you set the ANA Wide Gold Card to My Revolving payment , the annual membership fee will be 3,500 yen + tax discount (14,000 yen + tax → 10,500 yen + tax) from the first year, so be sure to set it.

Well, it seems that it is difficult to pay off revolving …

It’s okay. You don’t have to worry about revolving because you can pay with a single credit card as usual for regular shopping.

How to pay?

I would like a card.

How many payments?

Please do it once.

So, why bother setting My Revolving payment , the use of  My Revolving payment doubles ANA Card points !

However, in order to double the points, it is necessary to set the amount of revolving payment once a month and generate a commission of 1 yen or more .

You know, it’s difficult …

It’s okay. Please be assured that the procedure is easy on the Internet for about 3 minutes. I will explain the method in detail in the practice section !

I will explain a little more about double points and fees.

With the Sumitomo Mitsui VISA Card, there is the benefit that points will be doubled if you generate a handling charges using the service “My Revolving payment(マイ・ペイすリボ)” , in which all payments are automatically repaid .

If you just use “My Revolving payment(マイ・ペイすリボ)” normally, you will incur a high handling charges and you will lose. It is important to generate a small fee to make the most of the point double benefits.

Points will be doubled if a fee is generated even at 1 yen, so after the payment amount is fixed every month, leave the small fee generated amount in revolving payment, increase the rest and pay the next month This means that the burden is small and the points are doubled.

How much should I pay each month?

In my achievements, the revolving payment is about 1,500 yen and the handling charges is about 20 yen. So, every month, about 1,000 yen will be left for revolving payment, and then increase and pay the next month. Please be assured that the method will be explained in detail in the practice section .

Click here for details on how to apply for My Revolving payment(マイ・ペイすリボ)


[Practice] What to do every month