Housewife must see! I will teach you how to travel at a discount [Summary]

Nice to meet you. My name is sayoko, mother of two kids.Thank you for coming from many blogs.

This site is for foreigners living in Japan.
I like traveling abroad. Many times I am grateful to foreigners for their kindness in foreign countries. I also want to help foreigners in Japan, so I will teach you how to shop in Japan and earn a lot of miles. That’s all I do in Japan. I hope you earn miles and get free reward tickets so you can go home many times.
PS. I’m not good at English so I’m sorry if I have wrong English.

In this blog, we will show you how to save travel expenses by “just a little tips” how to pay money such as shopping at supermarkets and convenience stores, utilities, mobile phones, taxes and so on.

Please be assured that only the methods I actually practice for my housewife will be posted.

In addition, I will introduce various things, but I would be happy if you can try it as much as you can without difficulty.
Housewives and husbands are busy. I hope that you enjoy the chores of family chores, and if you realize, you can enjoy the joy of having a family trip together!

I actually free travel domestic and abroadwith my family inthis way.

Let’s get started !

(Summary) How to travel at a great price
  • Pay with your ANA Card for everyday shopping, utilities, and mobile expenses.
  • Shop at points that earn miles by point-up sites
  • Don’t overdo shopping or earn points
  • Exchange accumulated ANA Card points for free air tickets and ANA Sky Coins
  • Travel exchanged free air ticket ( 2 times a year! )
    Apply for a tour with ANA Sky Coin and travel ( about 60,000 yen a year! )

【Conclusion】 How to travel

It is a way to earn ANA Miles with regular payments and get free tickets and travel expenses .

Well, don’t you earn that many miles just by paying everyday? Do I have to buy something extra?


I’ve seen mile traveler on the net, but it seems difficult. In the first place, it’s not time or me!

You might have thought. At first I was too.
However, the recommended method is to earn a mile by paying only a little bit about how to pay the money . Usually, when you shop at a supermarket, convenience store, or online, you only need to devise a bit, so it doesn’t take much time, you don’t have to buy extra, and there is no difficulty .

Many housewives and househusbands hold household wallets (like me), so they can earn miles because they are free to use their usual payment methods for shopping. !

I think some people still can’t believe this alone, so I’d like to explain why you can earn miles by “just a little tips” how to pay the money .

How much money does it take?

First of all, the required money is the money you need to pay for your daily life, such as food expenses, daily necessities, utilities, mobile / communications, clothes and shoes.
There are differences in the cost depending on the number of households and family composition, so based on the average value published by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, we will concretely see how much money you pay each month and how much miles it will be.

From the table below, you can see that ” households of two or more people” costs 287,315 yen (consumption expenditure) per month .

(Source) Household Survey Annual Report (Household Balance) 2018 (Heisei30) Household Summary II Household Balance of Total Households and Single Households

Of these, food expenses, utilities, household goods, clothing and footwear, transportation and communication, education and entertainment,all of which are the focus of this blog, are the money. The total of the red frame is 195,193 yen per month,  2,342,316 yen per year .

How do you pay for it?

There are only two things to do.
① Make sure to pay the required money with your ANA card ② Shop at points that earn miles and point-up sites
Just pay the money of 2,342,316 yen per year, paying attention to ①② .

① Make sure to pay the money with ANA Card

Supermarkets, convenience stores, drug stores, utilities, taxes, regular bills, clothes, etc.
Most shopping can be paid with a credit card, so pay as much as possible with one ANA card .

If you pay with your ANA card, you will earn points on your ANA card .
The ANA Wide Gold Card I use with Sumitomo Mitsui VISA Card earns 1 point for regular points + 1 point for bonus points for 1,000 yen.

And ANA Card points can be exchanged for ANA Miles . Normal points can be exchanged for 10 miles per point, and bonus points can be exchanged for 3 miles per point, so you can save 13 miles for 1,000 yen .

If you convert the required amount of 2,342,316 yen per year to mileage by simple calculation, it will be 30,450 miles . You can earn 43,000 miles per yearby combining the next ② mile earning stores and ways to shop via point-up sites!

Even if it is said that 43,000 miles can be earned. . I can’t imagine how amazing it is …

I’m sorry 🙂
The accumulated ANA Miles canbe exchanged for ANA free tickets or ANA Sky Coins that can be used to pay for ANA travel products .

Free tickets can be exchanged for 43,000 miles for round trip tickets between Tokyo ← → hawaii (high season).
ex.Korea :18,000 miles, China :23,000 miles,
Singapore:38,000 miles

Also, if you exchange for ANA Sky Coins that can be used to pay for ANA travel products, 43,000 miles = 64,500 Sky Coins = 64,500 yen (if you exchange at 1.5 times the exchange rate using Sumitomo Mitsui ANA Wide Gold Card) , It can be used for travel expenses of 64,500 yen !

Isn’t that amazing? Just changing the payment method and shopping method of the money you usually pay will earn you travel expenses .

  only this?

If you think that it is, we recommend that you refer to the blog of other miler’s, training many miles. There are a lot of ways to earn more and it will also help you study.

As a busy housewife and housewife did the usual housekeeping without spending time, I noticed that I was able to travel with my couple if I noticed, or that I stayed in a luxurious room with family travel expenses ♪ I made this blog with the hope that more people who want to enjoy the petit happiness that they could go to a local live because they could afford transportation expenses . That’s why I don’t overdo it, I don’t spend much time , I just want to show you just how I can do it in my everyday life . I want to recommend it because it is made. So, if there is a way to save more, it’s a waste, so please pear it!
I know how to save more. But I don’t dare to recommend it. It was really hard to do it. . .
If you have sympathy, I would be glad if you could see the continuation!

・ Pay for everyday shopping and utilities, etc., with an ANA card.
・ Do not overdo it, do not spend time.

②Shopping through shops that earn miles and point-up site (ana mileage mall, pointupmall)

Shops that earn miles can be broadly divided into two types: physical stores such as Seven-Eleven, MATSUMOTOKIYOSHI, and Starbucks; and online stores such as Rakuten Ichiba, Amazon, and Yahoo! Shopping. In both cases, if you pay with an ANA card, you will earn miles in addition to the normal payment .

It is okay to pay at an actual store with an ANA card . In the case of Seven-Eleven, 1 mile is added for 200 yen, so if you buy 1,000 yen, you will earn 13 miles for ANA Card (normal point 1 = 10 miles + bonus point 1 = 3 miles) + 5 miles = 18 miles.
When shopping at the online shop, you can earn miles by shopping through the point-up site . As for Seven-Eleven, one mile is added at Rakuten Ichiba for 200 yen. During the campaign, Amazon fashion points 9 times and Kirin points 16 times (surprise)

But, it seems difficult via the point-up site …

It’s okay! When shopping online, it’s like a few clicks. It takes about 10 seconds if you get used to it . Of course, I will explain how to do it in the practice section, so don’t worry.

I would like to see how 43,000 miles a year can be earned by shopping through the point earning site and points that earn 2,342,316 yen a year . If you know it is so long, please proceed!

I will explain the money that is required by dividing it into three types.

Food, furniture, and household goods in red are assumed to be purchased at Rakuten Ichiba or Rakuten Seiyu Net Supermarket via the point-up site (ANA Mileage Mall) and paid with an ANA card . Then you will get 4 points of Sumitomo Mitsui Card normal points + bonus points + ANA Mileage Mall + Rakuten points . Earn 1,854 miles every month .

Since there is no point-up site for “Hot heat / water supply / traffic / communication” in the blue frame , you can earn 836 miles per month simply by paying with an ANA card .

“Clothing, footwear, and cultural entertainment” in the yellow frame can be purchased at an online shop and paid with an ANA Card via the Point Up Site (ANA Mileage Mall, Sumitomo Mitsui Card Point UP Mall). Bonus points + 3 points of ANA Mileage Mall / Sumitomo Mitsui Point UP Mall . Earn 728 miles every month .

Red + blue + yellow = 3,418 miles per month , for a total of 41,018 miles per year .
In addition, if you have a Sumitomo Mitsui Card ANA Wide Gold Card, you can earn 2,000 miles each year , for a total of 43,018 miles .

To be honest, this method saves more. Thousands of miles can be easily earned when purchasing large items such as PCs and home appliances at the Apple Store, DELL, Big Camera, etc. via ANA Mileage Mall. In addition, the point-up site (ANA Mileage Mall / Sumitomo Mitsui Point UP Mall) often carries out campaigns of 2 to 20 times, so if you purchase at that time, you will earn a lot.

By the way, I can achieve the following by the method of ①②

  • 2017:Part of domestic travel with ANA Sky Coin (four families)
  • 2018:Domestic travel with award tickets (four families)
  • 2019:Travel abroad with award tickets (for 2 families)

I think that it is great that ② is accumulating more and that ② is also practiced in “Other consumption expenditures” that are not included in the calculation. Couples use very little cash. after! Food costs are higher because there are many children to eat (haha・・)
I will also post my own performance report separately!

Thank you for reading this far. How was it?
Even if you don’t do everything, I think you should try only as much as you can. If you accumulate miles, you will travel, so be patient and enjoy your miles de trip!

From now on, we will introduce the preparation for earning miles, ideas for shopping, what to do every month, etc. in preparation and practice .

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Housewife must see! I will teach you how to travel at a discount by ANA miles. I will show you how to pay money such as shopping at supermarkets and convenience stores, utilities, mobile phones, taxes and so on in JAPAN.

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I will teach you how to travel at a discount by ANA miles. I will show you how to pay money such as shopping at supermarkets and convenience stores, utilities, mobile phones, taxes and so on in JAPAN.